Knit Witch Halloween Harvest Box

Knit Witch Halloween Harvest Box

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This box is filled with goodies to count down the 13 days until Halloween!!

Each day brings a surprise and something fun to open for the Knit Witch in you. 

Each item is something that was created just for you by Lesley of Rosehaven Yarn Shop and her bestie Charlene Maracle of Art & Soul Witch Craft from Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory. We hope you love every item and know that they were created with love and friendship invoking every moment.

Here are hints of what is in the box...

October 19th - day #1 brings joy to those who knit, We doubt that you could create anything without it!

October 20th - day #2 looks like it could be used in a duel, but just try to make a thing without this handy tool!

October 21st - day #3 makes it so easy to follow along, but please don't add anything that just doesn't belong!

October 22nd - day #4 teases and makes you wait one day, before you can use this thing that comes your way!

October 23rd - day #5 says to put away your stacks, put your feet up now and get ready to relax!

October 24th - day #6 is something you can wear, open up this little gem, if you dare!

October 25th - day #7 says when it's dark and you're alone, look to me to guide you home.

October 26th - day #8 just when you thought you might be done, along comes this guy to add more fun!

October 27th - day #9's scent will fill the air, and allow you to relax without a care.

October 28th - day #10 calls for you to undress, but have no fear, you must de-stress!

October 29th - day #11 wants you to mark your way, you must move on you cannot stay!

October 30th - day #12 is the Witchy thing to do, do it right and it's sure to work for you!

October 31st - day #13 is the crowning glory, it's the final thing and you won't be sorry!