Beginners Knitting Class

Beginner's Knitting Class - June 20th & 27th 1-3 pm

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Sunday June 20th & 27th 1-3 pm @ Rosehaven Yarn Shop, 187 Main Street, Picton, Ontario.

This is it! You are going to do it this year! YOU ARE GOING TO LEARN TO KNIT!!

Step 1. Buy the class by hitting the ADD TO CART button.

Step 2. Dig around and find that old stash of Gramma's knitting needles and put them in a bag by the door.

Step 3. Sign up to and check out the thousands of free patterns and fun knitting projects for a few hours to get you pumped to try this.

Step 4. On Sunday grab the bag and head to Rosehaven Yarn Shop for your initiation into yarn heaven!

These first  2 hours will get your hands going in the right direction of a knitting project (but don't be surprised if Gramma's needles are something that needs to be buried in the backyard of horrible tools to work with).

These 2 hours could also work to refresh your knitting skills if it's been a few years or if you want to expand your knitting repertoire and try a pattern that is a bit more of a challenge. I can help you with whatever kind of thing you would like to take on during these 2 hours.

Any tools purchased by a student of the class will be 20% off the regular price.

All high school or other full time students will be given 50% off the class fee of $15.00 an hour.

This class will occur every Friday and you are welcome to come to more than one week if you want more help with your project.